Utility Billing & Collections

The primary function of this division is to deliver customer service to all new and current water and sewer customers. All new residents of Southern Pines should visit this office to apply for water and sewer services. 

Drafting Bank Accounts
Drafting of bank accounts for payment of water and sewer utility bills are available in this division.

Customers who would like to have their accounts drafted for payment of water bills should visit this office in order to sign up for water bill drafting.

Applications for a business privilege license can be obtained from this division, also. Anyone who conducts business in the Town of Southern Pines, except for businesses that are specifically exempted by state or federal statute, is required to obtain a privilege license.

Forms Notice
The following forms may be displayed, filled out, and printed, but cannot be saved or submitted online. Please bring completed form(s) to the Utility Billings and Collections Office.