Digital Data Availability

Requesting Data

Geographic information system (GIS) digital data is available on the ConnectGIS site. Anyone requesting copies of digital data should make the request by filling out and signing the Digital Data Request Form and Agreement Form. This request is subject to the fees outlined in this section.

By signing the Digital Data Request Form and Agreement the users are agreeing not to resell or otherwise use the data for trade or commercial purposes.

The town will only distribute digital GIS layers created by the town. Digital data is available in shapefile and geodatabase formats only and will be copied to a CD provided by the town. When feasible, data will be emailed to the requester at no charge.

Moore County Service

The Town of Southern Pines will not provide digital GIS data that is supplied to the town by Moore County GIS.

These layers include but are not limited to parcels, streets, township boundaries, and address point files. Requests of this type of information will be referred to Moore County’s GIS personnel.