Trash, Recycling & Yard Debris

The Town of Southern Pines contracts with Waste Industries to provide:

  • Dumpster service for apartments and town-owned dumpsters
  • Every two weeks yard waste collection, same day as garbage and recycling collection
  • Once a week recycling
  • Once a week, bulky item collection
  • Once a week, curbside or back door residential and small commercial garbage collection

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Garbage Collection 

Effective July 1, 2011 televisions and computer equipment are banned from disposal in North Carolina landfills by state law. Residents cannot put these items in their garbage. These items will not be collected in bulky load collections as those loads go to the landfill. Moore County residents can utilize any County of Moore convenience drop off location to recycle electronics. The nearest locations are on Highway 5 between Aberdeen and Pinehurst and on Highway 15-501 at Hillcrest, near Carthage.

Other Facts

  • Residents with handicaps and disabilities may request to have their recycling containers picked up on their front porch by submitting a Disabled Consideration Request form.
  • Calls may be placed for collection of dead animals weighing less than 10 pounds.
  • Residents can find out their scheduled pick up day by using the Garbage Schedule Map or by using the interactive map on the town's GIS site.
  • Residents may call 866-423-4122 for collection of bulky items and white goods.
  • Waste Industries will provide 95 gallon roll-out containers for garbage collection. Call 866-423-4122 to obtain your free cart.


Moore County Recycling Video  Password Moore

Recycle Moore County

  • Acceptable items include aluminum and metal drink cans, clear, brown, and green soft drink bottles, beer bottles, juice containers, food containers, wine and liquor bottles, plastic bottles with a neck numbered 1 through 7, newspapers and inserts that come in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, copy paper, cereal boxes and similar boxes, and old corrugated cardboard cut down to 2-ft.-by-3-ft. to fit in bin, steel cans include (tin) cans used for fruits, vegetables, soups, juices, pet food, and other food items.
  • The Town of Southern Pines and Waste Industries invite you to recycle. Acceptable recycling materials
  • The Town of Southern Pines provides curbside collection of recyclables in an 18 gallon bin. Collect your recyclables in this container for single stream recycling and put the bin curbside once a week on your normal pick up day for solid waste. If you are not physically able to take the bin to the curb and have no other able-bodied person in the household to do this please fill out the Disable Consideration Request form and return to the Town of Southern Pines Public Works office for special collection service consideration. Multi-family complexes will have carts at a central collection site within the development to dispose of the recyclables.
  • Unacceptable items include Styrofoam, plastic films and bags, plastic trays and dishes, containers with food or hazardous materials, mirrors, plate glass, drinking glasses, ceramic cups and plates, and coat hangers.

Moore County's Glass Recycling Program for Residents

Yard Waste

  • Residents can find out their scheduled pick up day by using the Yard Debris Schedule Map or by using the interactive map on the town's GIS site.
  • Due to landfill disposal regulations, piles of yard trash contaminated with plastics, paper, cardboard, etc. cannot be collected.
  • It is the residents' responsibility to see that this debris is properly placed at the curb for collection.
  • No material, such as trees, shrubbery, or underbrush resulting from the clearing of vacant land, will be picked up by the town.
  • Piles of trash on the roadway or too near the travel lane often times create traffic hazards.
  • Please do not place debris on the roadway, gutters or roadside ditches.
  • The Town of Southern Pines provides for the collection of leaves, limbs and yard clippings approximately once every two weeks on the same day as garbage and recycling collection for residential locations only.
  • The town will not be responsible for collecting more than three cubic yards of yard waste from any one location.
  • Trash in gutters or ditches cause storm water catch basins and culverts to stop up which also creates hazards and maintenance problems.
  • Tree limbs must not be more than four feet in length or four inches in diameter, and must be separated from yard rakings.

Moore County's Glass Recycling Program for Residents

Bulky Items And White Goods Collection

  • Any items mixed with garbage, building materials, or construction debris will be rejected. The removal of building materials and construction debris is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Only residential locations receive this service.
  • Residents desiring this service should contact Waste Industries directly at 866-423-4122, confirm pick up day and then place items(s) at curb no earlier than 24 hours before scheduled pick up time.
  • The Town of Southern Pines provides collection services for white goods and bulky items to town residences once each week on the same day as garbage and recycling collection.
  • The town will not be responsible for collecting more than three cubic yards of bulky items from one location during any one collection cycle.

Holiday Collection

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day

If you trash collection day falls on one of these holidays trash and recycling collection will be postponed to the following day and any subsequent collection day in the same week will also be postpone one (1) day. For example, Thanksgiving Day always falls on Thursday, so Thursday's collection would be on Friday and Friday's collection would be on Saturday. If you have any questions about the holiday schedule contact the Town at 692-1983 or Waste Industries at 866-423-4122.

All other holidays will run on normal schedule for trash and recycling serviceMoore County Recycling VideoMoore County Recycling VideoMoore County Recycling