Current Town Projects

EngagEngagee Southern Pines - A Place to Share, Discuss and Collaborate

We have launched a new community virtual hub to share, discuss, and collaborate together called Engage Southern Pines. Whether you're passionate about pressing issues, want to talk through challenges, or simply want to share your thoughts with the Town directly, this is your space. Busy schedule? Frequently out of town? No problem! Engage Southern Pines is the opportunity for those who can't make it to Town Council meetings but are committed to making an impact and building a stronger community. Engage anytime, anywhere, and let your voice resonate beyond physical boundaries. Your town, your voice, your platform. 

Follow important projects and participate in the surveys and discussions - we are listening! We value and actively seek feedback from those we serve - it's the Southern Pines Way. 

Thank you for taking part, engaging, and making your voice heard. 

Projects Currently Detailed in Engage:

Knoll Road Multi-modal Trail
    Survey currently open (through March 31)
    Discussion Forum

Implementing the 2040 Comprehensive Plan
   Character Districts
   Tree Protection
   Home Occupations 
   Tourist Homes

Whitehall at Reservoir Park