What does the Planning Board do and how I can participate?

The Planning Board is a volunteer board supported by Planning Department staff that advises the Southern Pines Town Council on planning matters. It conducts studies related to the Town's growth, development, and redevelopment, and makes recommendations to the Town Council based on its findings and on the experience of its members. It also interprets the standards of the zoning ordinances and hears individual cases by citizens such as appeals, requests and variance petitions (requests to deviate from typical zoning or regulation standards). The Board is made up of seven members, five of whom are residents of the Town proper and two of whom live in the Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). You can get involved by applying to be a member of the Board and/or by attending the monthly Board meeting, where you can find out what's currently happening in the Town's development and have the chance to voice your opinions. The Board meets the second to last Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Douglass Community Center, 1185 W Pennsylvania Avenue. When a seat on the Board becomes vacant, Town Council will consider all applications and notify you if you have been selected to join the Board.

Board Application Form

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