I would like a police patch for my collection. How do I get one?
Unfortunately, due to the public safety implications of distributing official Southern Pines Police Department patches, we are not able to honor requests for patches from the general public.

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1. I want to stay informed about crime and other activities and events taking place in my community. What is the best way to do that?
2. How do I report a crime, accident or suspicious circumstance?
3. How do I get a copy of a police report?
4. I received a parking ticket from the Southern Pines Police Department or the Southern Pines Fire/Rescue Department. What do I do?
5. I would like to research the crime statistics in Southern Pines. How can I get that information?
6. How do I request “Special Attention” for a specific problem?
7. I would like a police patch for my collection. How do I get one?
8. I am going to be out of town. Will the police department watch my house while I’m gone?
9. I am opening a new business in Southern Pines. How can I provide contact information to the police department in case of an emergency?
10. I would like to do my part to reduce the chance my property will be a target for criminals. Is there anything I can do?
11. I am thinking of having an alarm installed at my home/business. Is there anything I need to know?
12. I was really pleased with the quality of service I received from a Southern Pines Police Department employee. How do I let the police department know?
13. I need to get my fingerprints taken for a professional license, foster care/child care application, employment application, rental/lease application or for another purpose.
14. I have a Tow Agency and would like to know how my agency can be included in the department’s rotation list when a wrecker is needed.
15. I am hosting an event in Southern Pines and I would like a police officer to provide additional security. Is that possible?
16. I am planning on leaving my vehicle parked unattended at the Southern Pines Train Station while I am away. Do I need to notify the police department and ask them to keep a check on it?
17. My organization would like to solicit funds for charitable purposes. Is this activity regulated in Southern Pines?
18. I am applying to the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission for a Retail ABC Permit and/or a Special Occasion/Temporary Permit. Do I need to notify the police department?
19. I would like to solicit door-to-door for business purposes. Is this activity regulated in Southern Pines?
20. I have a business that deals in precious metals. Do I need a permit to operate in Southern Pines?
21. I have an issue with an animal. Who do I contact?
22. How do I report possible terrorist activity?